Hello Autumn! Upgrade your home with these new season decorating ideas

Today is the first official day of Autumn! and so a new adventure begins. From my point of view, an update leads to an upgrade, and this new season is the perfect time to spruce up spaces that you haven’t improve for so long.

Home in Natural colours (via Amara)


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New season, a new beginning. If there is something I’m not afraid of is to change. I embrace starting new projects, learn new things and experience different situations that allow me to grow and improve myself. But to be honest, the change of the weather is something I don’t get used to.

If you had the chance to read my previous post, you might know that I’m total ‘summer enthusiast’ as I have Caribbean roots. Since I started to live on this side of the world, I steadily had to get used to swapping my sandals for boots, my fresh t-shirts for cardigans, warm coats, and so on. However, I have to admit that somehow I love this new lifestyle because it allows me to bring new looks and explore new trends, and this also applies to my home.

Living in a “four-season country” doesn’t mean that we have to overhaul our home four times a year. But in fact, most of us enjoy changing things (at least so slightly) to bring the charm of the outdoors in. So it’s time to set the Autumn mood.

 A leather camel couch gives a bold accent to the Autumn look  (via New Darlings)
For this year, experts forecasted natural inspired looks for interiors, which in my opinion, it’s a trend that is here to stay for longer than this season. For those who prefer a more ‘versatile’ home decoration, this will be very advantageous.
Nature is the key inspiration for this Autumn, earthy tones sit alongside refreshing greens with bold prints and contrasting textures taking centre stage. The fabric focus is on velvets and leathers, with materials such as wood, cork and terracotta coming into play with some classic chunky knit too.

Kitchen essentials for this new season  (via Alvhem)
Dinnerware Autumn Collection  (via Bloomingville)
AmaraBroste Copenhagen and Bloomingville have released their autumnal decorations, and they certainly don’t disappoint. Here we will have a closer look at the stand-out style for this new season and outline the home accessories you must add right now to your home.




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I’m absolutely excited about this new season. Aside from the leaves changing, I love all these new collections and I can’t wait to dress up my home with everything. For you, what’s the home accessory you love the most? I’d love to hear what you think while I’m cuddling on the sofa. You can also follow me on Instagram and tag us in your photos.