10 stylish ideas to turn an empty corner into a special space

Do you ever have an awkward feeling that a corner in your room needs ‘something-you-have-no-idea’ to make it complete? When decorating a space, one of the biggest challenges comes when we have to think about how to fill an empty corner. 

Empty corner ideas Laguna Vista (via Brown Design Group)

Before going deeper into this topic, I’d like to share with you an inspiring thought from Joni Eareckson Tada who says that ‘perspective is everything when you are experiencing the challenges of life’.

As we are growing, we are always facing many obstacles. When we have to overcome problems or difficult decisions, sometimes it’s hard to have a positive attitude and see the bright side of things. I firmly believe that every challenge is an opportunity; and we have to take advantage of its infinite possibilities. And this also applies to interior design adventures.

Going back to our main topic, finding a way to integrate the corners into the design is a challenge that can be seen as a great opportunity to create that ‘special space’ that your home needs. People normally see a corner as an ‘unfilled place’ or a kind of ‘limbo’ where something is missing or nothing happens. How should I fill that empty corner? It’s a common question.

Maybe, you go to the store and you find many things you like to put in your empty corner; but you are not sure if that matches your current decoration or look randomly placed among the rest of the furniture. Then, you get so confused and you decided to give up, ignore it and leave it as it is: bare.

Today, I’m here to tell you that before to get stuck or desperate about that weird space, you have to change your mindset and believe that this is one of the best challenges you can have when decorating your home. Here, I’ll show you that there are many creative and stylish ways in which you can transform that awkward corner into your favourite space of your home.

So let’s start to see the rich side of your empty and unused nook.

 1. The reading spot that you deserve

Visualise yourself curling up in a beautiful and comfortable armchair, reading one of your favourite books and having a glass of wine right at your fingertips. Doesn’t sound good? There is nothing chicer than having your own reading corner at home.

Making a bold armchair the central attraction will immediately create a place where everyone wants to stay; a place that feels relaxing, delightful and inspirational. The essential accessories that you have to add to create this comfortable spot should be a lamp that will give good reading light and a small side table that you can minimally decorate. Add some books on it or leave it free to place your coffee (or better, your glass of wine as I said before).

To create a most pleasant experience, Brown Design Group incorporates a stylish ottoman. You can complement this look adding cosy textures with a soft rug and warm throws and pillows.

Empty corner ideas Laguna Vista (via Brown Design Group)

When having a small space, you can take advantage of a tall, clean-lined floor mirror that works perfectly leaned against a wall in your empty corner. To illustrate this, Laura Seppānen creates a greater sense of depth within the room within a newly built home styled with black accents.

Empty corner ideas A newly built home with black accents (via Coco Lapine Design)

You can also transform this personal spot into something more social turning it into a comfortable seating corner for two. Consort adds a couple of snug chairs on black and blue tones, complementing with a side table and a floor lamp.

Empty corner ideas Sterling Mason Bachelor Pad (via Consort)

2. Needing more comfort? Add a Chaise Lounge

Alternatively to armchairs, you can make your space much more relaxing going for a chaise lounge instead. If you are on a budget, you might think this an unreachable item for you. However, there is a wide range of brands where you can find a chaise lounge at that price that fits your pocket.

I guarantee this would be one of the best investments you can make. The reasons? Well, it will provide you with so much comfort and luxuriousness despite how much actually you spend on it. In fact, your relaxation is priceless.

Besides, you don’t need to add further decoration to complete the look. A textured rug underneath, and a soft cushion or throw blanket will be more than enough to define your chill out spot. Remember, small changes can create great impact.

Empty corner ideas Ritz Carlton Residence (via Julia Wong Designs)

Julia Wong took full advantage of the view and the ceiling height in this living room and added a stunning double leather chaise on an alpaca rug, creating a luxurious environment that was designed to inspire. Consort also performs a similar layout in Tribeca’s Sterling Mason building, conceiving a resting corner that refines the notion of the classic “bachelor pad” aesthetic.

Empty corner ideas Sterling Mason Bachelor Pad (via Consort)


3. Your own gallery using display easels 

When I saw this idea for the first time, I have to admit I fell in love. And if you are either an art lover or artist, you will thank me for this idea.

Showcasing your favourite pieces of art on that ‘undervalued’ corner could be one of the most interesting solutions to make that place the most eye-catching spot of your home. When you place them on an easel, you give to your spot a special bohemian feeling that you can also complement with a gallery wall.

Giannetti develops this fantastic idea within a home owned by Ashton Kutcher. Here, the client wanted to create a comfortable place to gather with friends and tell stories and display his collections.

Empty corner ideas Ashton Kutcher’s house (via Giannetti Home)


4. Bring out your inner child swinging in a Hanging Chair 

Certain pieces of furniture can make the room seem warm and welcoming. But a hanging chair is definitely an ‘out-of-this-world’ piece when thinking about making a space really special.

Incorporating a hanging chair into your room will help to create a unique focal point that feels really casual, fun and easy home. Additionally, it is the perfect option when living in small studios since it’s elevated from the ground and furthermore, it gives the illusion of more space.

Empty corner ideas
Vinyard Parade Home (via Studio McGee)

Emily Henderson pairs a hanging rattan chair with a handful of vibrant blues to create a dreamy and fresh, indoor weekend escape. With the help of vibrant decoration and few plants, you can transform your boring corner into a fantastic place where you can swing, pivot and chill. And to be honest, there is nothing more perfect that combines comfort and joy at the same time than a hanging chair.

Empty corner ideas
Lake House (via Emily Henderson)


5. When in doubt, add some shelves

If you aren’t quite sure about how to fill your empty corner, but you are definitely clear that you need some extra storage at home, you don’t need to think too much. DIY shelves are always the perfect solution.

Empty corner ideas

 Custom corner shelving  (via Hen House)

Your corner will be filled nicely while you can keep your books and other stuff much more organised. Certainly, it is the most clever use of your awkward space, and with the help of some accent pieces and selected brass planters, you can create a gorgeous visual spot.

Empty corner ideas Adding shelves to fill nicely your empty corner  (via Apartment 34)

If you are on a budget, there is no excuse. Tiffany from offbeat + inspired created her own ‘coffee corner’ with less than £200. She brought a little taste of her favourite ‘café interiors set-up’ to her apartment by adding a simple wooden bar to one of the living room windows and brightening it up with some yellow chairs.

Empty corner ideas Coffee corner  (via Offbeat + Inspired)


6. As I always say: Green is good

Either you don’t want to build anything in that strange corner or expend too much on making it looks nice. Well, my best solution for that is appealing for brunch of random houseplants.

You can dress up any part of your house with plants. This has many benefits for your health but also for living up your space. Different textures, dimensions and colours will dramatically change the way your naked corner looks.

Adding a dose of greenery will give a beautiful and sculptural touch with organic branches and leaves to your empty corner, making the room feel more open and clean. Personally, I love potting indoor plants in classic plain colours such white or black, but you can go next level with chic brass planters that absolutely give a touch of glam.

Empty corner ideas Potting indoor plants (via The MOA  style)

If you already read my last post about giving a tropical feeling to interiors, you might guess that I love having indoor palms and trees. If the height and space allow you, certainly, these kinds of plants will give a fresh vibe at home, while creating beautiful visual layers.

Empty corner ideas Tropical style (via Airows)


7. A round dining table

For most of the people, the dining room is one of the relevant spaces at home since becoming a place for just about everything that happens in there, not just eating.

So, if you really want to live up your bare corner: why don’t you bring the most relevant space in there? I’m talking about transforming your unused space into a cosy small dining room.

You can achieve it simply adding a roundtable or console where you can easily seat more people than a rectangular one. Rounded dining tables are a fantastic solution especially for small flats as they can fit nicely into tight nooks.

If you are not convinced yet, have a look at this stylish inspiration from Jacquelyn Clark. She had to integrate a client’s simple tulip-based dining table and a sputnik inspired chandelier into that corner, and she made it work perfectly adding some light chairs, creating a bright and functional space.

Empty corner ideas Simple tulip-based dining table and the Sputnik-inspired chandelier (via Lark & Linen)


8. Create a charming Kitchen Nook in your empty corner

Still not sure about adding a dining table? Well, there is a more relaxed approach that I personally love much more, and it is taking advantage of the free kitchen space to create a lovely breakfast nook.

Whether you want to have your morning coffee, read your newspaper or have a small meeting with friends, the kitchen nook results quite versatile and comfortable.

Empty corner ideasBlack & white & brunch all over  (via Consort)
Empty corner ideasSandy Castles Kitchen (via Amber Interiors)

I definitely love this idea, and I have to confess that I always want to sit in the softer space. But you can always incorporate chairs in a different style, as well as a mix of colourful and comfortable cushions to create an attractive contrast.

If you are lucky and you have the opportunity to place your kitchen nook by a window, that will be a big plus! Having your breakfast with a beautiful view will definitely recharge your energies every single day.

Empty corner ideasFall Out Boy Guitarist Joe Trohman’s morning meeting spot (via Consort)


9. The classic small table + lamp

When I say ‘classic’ I don’t mean to solve this challenge just decorating it like our grandma will do it (with all respect to grandmas).

A small table and a stylish lamp (or a beautiful candle holder) are timeless elements that definitely can suit perfectly in your empty corner. This is a common solution, but there are some ways you can give a trendy and fresh feeling to that traditional appearance.

Empty corner ideas

Side table by Lassen (via Anya Adores)

That weird corner actually deserves its ‘wow’ moment. So, this is your opportunity to go the store and find something really special.

You can play with scales and patterns, colours and styles when pairing a side table with a glamorous lamp. Complete the look adding some extra pieces of decoration either in walls or on the top of the table.

Empty corner ideas

Eclectic side table arrangement  (via Burnham Design)

Alternatively, you can go for this mid-century bench from West Elm which adds modern-day sustainability with its timeless style to your space.

Empty corner ideas

Mid-century Bench  (via West Elm)


10. Store extra clothing

Finally, one of the most practical and chic ideas is to use your empty corner to hang or store your essentials in clothing. Whether you are or not a fashion lover, you will adore this idea because you can have all your favourites right next to your hand. I know you will thank me later.

Empty corner ideas

Warm and cosy coat hook in a corner  (via Coco Lapine Design)

Incorporating a clothing rack will give an easy and cosy look to your room. Certainly, this simple addition serves as clothing storage or whatever you want to hang on it, giving a minimalistic but unique touch.

Empty corner ideas

Clothing rack in a corner  (via Visitdeco)


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That was my wrap of my 10 stylish inspirations to turn your empty corner into a special space. These fresh ideas will help you to transform your naked nook into a useful and inviting that make life at home better. Remember, it doesn’t matter which idea you prefer the most, you have to actually enjoy it and live it. It has to tell your personal story and reflects everything you love.


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