Celebrate your wild spirit with these terrific Tropical leaf wallpapers

Hello guys! Have you noticed this year is passing so quickly? It’s almost September and I don’t want the summer to end. I can’t hide the happiness I feel during this season due to the bright days, beach getaways and fresh clothes. So, I’m here to show you a fantastic way to keep alive your summer vibes alive all year using tropical wallpapers.

Medina Beach, Venezuela (via Mintur)

As Venezuelan, I have my roots in Tropic locations where I’ve been living almost all my life. So, I’m really obsessed with the vibe in these environments since it makes me feel happy, chilled out and stress-free. Currently, I’m living in London, which is totally opposite to my natural ‘comfort zone’. Don’t take me wrong, I’m also in love with my current city. However, I have to admit that I miss so much all that Caribbean freshness.

But, let’s stop feeling nostalgic; let’s see always the bright side of the things!

My passion for interiors makes me believe in the power of design to transform our surroundings. Furthermore, it is absolutely possible to create a space that reflects what I feel about my beloved Caribbean without necessarily having a jungle inside my flat. You can still keep a clean and modern space that manages to give you a fresh and peaceful sensation.

InThe MOA style, we believe that great designs are worth sharing to inspire others. Thus, I created a new board on Pinterest with many fabulous inspirations to get into that ‘tropical feeling’ when decorating your spaces. Here I found an amazing way to make my home feel like my ‘actual home’.

Incorporating beautiful and well-crafted wallpapers within an eclectic tropical indoor is undoubtedly a great idea to achieve a perfect summer look during all the year. Wallpapers are never out of style and it suits perfectly into any room in your house.

Tropical jungle and rainforest leaf are quite trendy designs these days. Here I’ll share with you the most terrific wallpaper’s design I found to give your home such a stylish Botanic touch without getting mosquito bites. Enjoy!


 Jardin Tropical by Mind the Gap

Proudly designed and produced in Transylvania in Romania, “Jardin Tropical” is a homage to the Pantone colour of the year, with beautiful botanical prints mixing shades of green. The wallpaper is easy to install on any wall type.

 Jardin Tropical by Mind The Gap (via John Lewis)


Superfresco Easy Wallpaper Palm Leaves Green by Wiko

This Palm Leaf Green wallpaper has a rainforest- inspired design that will help you make a statement in any room. With a leaf print running through this Superfresco Easy Wallpaper you can bring elements of the tropical life indoors with ease. The clever design of this wallpaper means you can paste directly onto the wall and have it up in no time.

 Superfresco Easy Wallpaper Palm Leaves Green by Wiko (via Wiko)


Palm Jungle by Cole & Son

The original Cole & Son Palm Leaves print has been multi-layered to create a dense jungle of foliage. Five colour-ways are offered in vibrant hues of emerald green, teal, china blue and subtle metallic and a further two luxurious colour-ways feature lustred backgrounds on a textured base paper.

 Palm Jungle by Cole & Son (via Cole & Son)


Nana by Justina Blakeney

Green, mint and sage leave on a pink background. Nana was inspired by the regal leaf of the banana tree. The large leaf motif is meant to provide a lush, jungle-like look that feels simultaneously graphic and organic. Justina’s daughter calls bananas, “nanas”- thus the name.

 Nana by Justina Blakeney (via Hygge and West)


Aja by Justina Blakeney

Shades of green leaves with copper berries on a cream background. According to Yoruba mythology, Aja is a patron of the forest and the animals. This exuberant motif pays homage to plants – with mammoth leaves that provide shade and berries that provide nutrition. Aja wallpaper is meant to celebrate the giving nature of the glorious flora.

 Aja by Justina Blakeney (via Hygge and West)


Beechgrove Wallpaper by Sanderson 

A forest of bamboos painted in a loose style and rotary printed for depth of colour. Fantastic for hallways and dining rooms.

 Beechgrove Wallpaper by Sanderson  (via Style Library)


Exotic Fruit by Mind the Gap

Brand new to the UK market, we are very proud to present the Mind the Gap Wallpaper Designer Collection for 2017.  Famous patterns, botanicals, science formulas, vintage tiles, textures and iconic symbols are all fundamental elements of this collection of stunning wallpapers. Suitable for any interior, these beautiful papers are particularly suitable if you are looking for an eclectic or vintage feel.

 Exotic Fruit by Mind the Gap (via Mind the Gap)


A pro tip to avoid making your room overloaded: White is essential. I believe in the idea of mixing materials, textile details and furniture regardless of the style. However, try to keep your space bright, clean and integral. You can still place simple artwork, a stylish mirror or a set of black and white photographs.

Do you want to buy the look? Check my Amazon picks!


These are definitely my favourite tropical wallpapers! Do you like them as well? Let me know in the comments below what you think! I’d love to see how the MOA style has inspired you to try something wild at home! You can also follow us on Instagram and tag us in your photos.